Faces ★★★★★

So now I get why it’s called faces. I got the picture. People keep the most superficial subjects closer to heart than what’s in front of them. Then they wonder where the good times went. It’s haunting seeing this still be prevalent which solidifies Faces as a definite favorite.

Florence from Torrence. Seymour just wants to sing, dance, and love. His, Gena’s, and Lynn’s performance really drive Faces home for me but everyone does a great job. I like the red meat baby I need that red meat babay. Tell me why I was trying to find the song like it was on Spotify. This damn movie. Severely slept on it hurts.

Dream smoke rotation: Chet and Jeannie, Dale Cooper, Reynolds Woodcock, Beverly Mantle, Alice and Bill Hartford, and Norma Desmond—just to name a few

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