Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★★

ahhhh let me gather my thoughts. 
okay.. WOWIE there were so many plot twists in this final installment of the Fear Street trilogy and it was all so gorey. i was not prepared for that amount of gore in movies based on children’s horror books. it was good gore tho! they didn’t overdo it. i think that Janiak tied the whole thing up quite nicely. i really enjoyed the fact that they waited to explain what happened in 1666 instead of starting with it and then going back to show you the truth. it all makes sense now. i think this was actually my favorite part of the trilogy. i was on the edge of my seat from the half hour mark. so much happening but it didn’t feel messy. it all just.. made sense. felt very Stranger Things there at the end but i like ST so that’s a plus in my book. overall a really awesome trilogy that i recommend any fan of horror/slashers to give a go at least once. i loved it!!!

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