Malignant ★★★★

Wan has really established himself as the foremost director of horror set pieces working in Hollywood today, he just needs to mad a horny erotic thriller and he can inherit king de Palma’s mantle.

Yet set pieces a side, I found the aesthetic of this film a bit ugly, it has that grungy bleak look that a lot of post 2000s pop horror films have, but my natural preference is towards the more campy, stylish and colorful  horror of the 70s and 80s. This maybe would not have been a problem if the poster and the films reception hyped it up as a modern Giallo with an off the rails plot(thanks film Twitter). Wan certainly is great at delivering the thrills and chills but not quite the kills, which were unfortunately lacking in creativity.
I would have left my review there, but then I got to the last 3rd of the film which is where it really opens its self up, and becomes a bonkers and widely entertaining genre film, that fully commits to an insane idea. This tonal shift certainly is effective in how shocking it is, but part of me thinks the whole film should have been like that. That being said wan has certainly now established himself as the premier pop horror director, fighting back the wave of bone chilling a24 mood pieces, with his bonkers camp delights.

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