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Favorite films

  • Velvet Goldmine
  • My Own Private Idaho
  • Nowhere
  • Tarnation

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  • The Other Side of the Underneath

  • Phenomena


  • Munchie


  • M3GAN


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  • The Other Side of the Underneath

    The Other Side of the Underneath

    I wanted to watch something entirely singular, existing in a universe solely belonging to an artist and born exclusively from their vision, and I got exactly what I asked for!

    I am the castrating mum!

  • Phenomena



    This movie does so much yet says so little. Dense in material, but perhaps lacking real substance. The score, and film as a whole, was bizarrely confusing but also badass??
    If the whole thing would have only been about Jennifer Connelly talking to bugs, I would have been perfectly happy.

Popular reviews

  • My Bodyguard

    My Bodyguard


    Love wins! 🏳️‍🌈

  • The Humans

    The Humans


    Visually and emotionally arresting at every turn. So many chills and tears caused by the astounding complexity of  the simplest scenes.