Lucy ★★★★

"Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge."

Lucy is a rollercoaster of a Sci-Fi ride, with a fantastic storyline. What's not to like? The beautiful Scarlett Johansson, transforming her intellectual potential into real powers of mind over matter as more and more of her brain matter is brought to full awareness and full utilization from exposure to a fetal developmental hormone. It's a wild ride, but a great one.

While the transformation is happening, we see Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) giving a lecture on the capacity of the human brain. He says people generally use only about 10 percent of their brain's capacity. (Yes, it's an urban legend, but you'll enjoy the movie a whole lot more if you ignore that fact and just go with it.) Norman, an authority in this field, has no idea his path will soon cross with Lucy Miller (Scarlett Johansson).

Lucy accidentally ingests the drug and her neurons begin firing. Her brain begins to grow ever-more powerful, so powerful that she's able to easily disarm any captor and figure a way out of any situation she's in. She needs someone who understands brain function to help her while a team is hot on the trail to dispense with her.

The film moves at such a frantic pace, which provides such mind-boggling visuals and fascinating concepts about time and existence that it's impossible not to be entertained. Luc Besson also throws in some brief, but exhilarating nature scenes to emphasize Lucy's vulnerability (at first) and then to expound upon what she is learning.

The action pack is very good, the mafia pack is entertaining and the renditions of "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Léon: The Professional" and "Inception" are all cherished. Once again, the central myth is developed in a very fun way. I believe this film has risked a lot in its development, but for us who want to be entertained and have our imaginations opened, this film delivers very vividly.

Overall, Lucy is a well-crafted Sci-Fi yarn that might make you think more than you bargained for, while you enjoy the shoot-ups, vehicle crashes and I love a Sci-Fi that makes you think.

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