• Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside

    Decent. Socko was a funny bit as was the streamer-mocking, though this overdid the sad boi stuff.

  • Legally Blonde

    Legally Blonde

    A mostly funny but occasionally dated comedy. Her reasoning that the pool boy is gay because he can identify her designer shoes is mildly cringe, but yeah that aside this is pretty slick and Reese is a commanding force throughout. I especially like the side-romance between the nail salon friend and the UPS guy. And you already know we ALWAYS mess with the Wilson brethren.

  • Little Women

    Little Women

    Why was Eliza Scanlen typecast as sick in 2019 wtf

  • The Father

    The Father

    idk why all those other actors kept tricking Hannibal with all their nonsense

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II

    Went and saw this with my buddy, and idk how this has a higher average rating on this app then the first film... it’s clearly the leftovers (and this franchise is NOT one of the ones that gets better after a couple days in the fridge). Some good tense scenes combined with a majorly lacking story. All the new characters are flat and none of the existing ones are developed in a standout way. But the prequel stuff is nice and spooky.

  • Day for Night

    Day for Night

    8 1/2 times better than 8 1/2. The candle light trick, taking the hotel vase for the film, crew asking for time off, affairs, and yes, finding a cat that can act (which means that, for the sake of Day for Night and not Meet Pamela, they had to first find a cat that COULDN’T act... there’s something very delightful about that, as well as the collective sound of relief once the lil kitty slurps up the milk). I am usually opposed to…

  • Minari


    Three days ago, I saw my first live music in over a year. It was surreal... the sweat, the long lost blasting noise. This morning, I looked up what was playing at my local movie theater. Doing even this felt unnatural and forgotten, as I half-expected each showtime to say “postponed”. 

    I knew I couldn’t just see any old film. It had to be something to remember.

    And so, in a large dark room with only one other person plopped…

  • Kajillionaire


    The big one made me feel something.

  • All That Heaven Allows

    All That Heaven Allows

    Yeah this just didn’t do it for me, the overbearing Technicolor, the painted sets, and worst of all that grating daughter character (haha how HILARIOUS she’s rattling off Freud but wait now she’s removing her glasses and ditching that trifling intellectuality for WOMANHOOD... dreadful writing there). This did pick up speed when things started going wrong but even then, I couldn’t get into the discernible studio setting (there’s a whole world to go film in, Hollywood. USE IT. I don’t…

  • Remember Me

    Remember Me

    Decent enough Robert Pattinson movie with predictable and lazy beats and then, at the tail end, an absolutely idiotic twist that is dumped in to try to tearjerk this film into being better. But nah, it made it far far worse.

  • Certain Women

    Certain Women

    This is shot and paced in such a meditative and painterly way; cropping someone in a corner, the long-take dash shots, and many landscapes act as only a few examples of this film’s striking look. Gladstone steals the show with her unrequited love, which I found much more compelling than the Michelle Williams plot (though the surly teenage daughter certainly resonated). Dern is real good, it says a lot that a sedate, poetic movie like this still packed in some…

  • Dracula


    Ugh, this is frustrating because as atrocious as Keanu, the special effects, and plodding storytelling are, it does have Tom Waits eating worms. And no film with Tom Waits eating worms can be rated less than two stars. I imagine this was quite a bit better when viewed in the 90s.