Jennifer's Body ★★★

You know the cliche of having a beautiful Hollywood person sport some glasses and maybe a plaid shirt and then being touted as the “nerd”? Yeah well this movie might do it more preposterously then any I’ve seen that come to memory... suspending my disbelief that Amanda Seyfried was the homely friend was SIGNIFICANTLY harder than buying into Megan Fox spewing black CGI sludge. But this is fun; the first twenty minutes might be a little too torturous (I get that that’s a signature of the horror genre but it’s pretty overbearing in this one) and then after that it’s mostly fast-paced violence, jump-scares, and uh a weird voyeuristic make-out scene between the lead actresses which has nothing to do with the characters and everything to do with indulging slobbering incels. But otherwise, not half bad.