Fargo ★★★★★

4th watch. This movie’s right, Steve Buscemi really is funny looking. I think it’s safe to say he’s the Peter Lorre of our time. And honestly, these weirdo character actors make movies fun even when nothing else is going right, and in Fargo, needless to say, EVERYTHING else is going right.

Interesting viewing having just seen Nomadland. This is for sure McDormand’s best role, even though the aforementioned film asks her to do more. But shit, who isn’t better when performing for the Coen Brothers? Low key jealous she got to cuff one. These dudes are probably my all time favorite filmmakers, the more I think about it. At least 10 of their films are very good, and this, No Country, and Big Lebowski are all bonafide masterpieces.

Also, hadn’t realized there are (at least) two Kubrick references in this, both very overt, first The Shining door smash and second “the old in and out.”