Hereditary ★★★★

So today I decided to watch this, a bit pushed by pietrolindo, who encouraged me to watch it more sooner than later.

It's a really well made movie, it's scary and it manages to develop the horror aspect without making the viewer jump, which is worthy of recognition.

About the story, it's about a family which is suffering strange things since the death of the grandmother.

About the plot, it's a good one, the story is entertaining and at the same time scary, in a psychological way, the characters are interesting, all of them, the performances are great, the palette of colors is a good one and there are many good shots. There are some great perspectives, and I also realized about the using of the one-point perspective, which was chosen to make several beautiful scenes.

I rated it with 4 stars because during the first half of the movie I wasn't very focused on the screen, since it wasn't getting my attention. Anyway I have to highlight its ending and also how clever was the script and everything that takes place in each scene, I feel like it's impossible to understand the whole movie with only one watch. Such a complex and also clever movie, but I'm afraid that I wouldn't rewatch it.

Highly recommended, it's probably one of the best movies of the genre of the past years, since it's scary and brilliant.

P.S. Everything happened because of smoking weed and this movie also reminds us to use protection, so you know what to do guyzzz

"Spooky" Month 🎃 2020

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