Spencer ★★★½

Wisely evades the conventional biopic trappings for something more akin to a jittery psychodrama. It's natural to draw comparisons between this and Jackie given that they feel like thematic counterpoints, both focusing on iconic figures forced to conceal their crumbling inner worlds behind dignified surfaces and the disquieting impact that the perception of others has on their self-identity. The detached, elegaic style which Larrain favours certainly matches this type of material effectively; it manages to spotlight Princess Diana's uncomfortable lack of autonomy and increasing sense of isolation, as well as find the intrinsic unease in the outdated traditions and stiff upper lip attitudes that the parasitic Royal family propagate. While it does suffer slightly from some clunky dialogue and heavy-handed metaphors (the Anne Boleyn stuff felt far too contrived), it's propelled by Jonny Greenwood delivering another excellent off-kilter score and Kristen Stewart being able to capture Diana's internal distress through her physical mannerisms very convincingly.

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