20.still an infant,whose feet are still being formed and steps are still being constructed.

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  • All That Heaven Allows

    All That Heaven Allows


    An exclusive world,bound by background that seeps into class and seeps into way of living and again,the exclusion formed.The mob speaks first and only,with individuality out of the window as every citizen of this world is expected to bend himself/herself for this world-a suffocating and torturous ordeal for those who seek to escape the conformity,perhaps not so much unless one puts their all into what the mob dictates.A visual feast because of the exquisite colour,with great performances from the towering male lead and the conflicted and aging beautifully female lead.

  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale


    An interesting interesting premise,an incredibly entertaining film,with slices of the background,all adding to a non-stop ride of gorgeousness.Kitano's nonchalance is great,his interactions bringing me to smiles and laughter most of the time.

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  • Antonio das Mortes

    Antonio das Mortes


    It all began with "Terra em Transe",a sociopolitical film that left me confused,unengaged,and disoriented."Black God White Devil" was my second dive into the Rocha filmography,which I found more interesting,but ultimately had some of the issues of the first film."Antonio das Mortes" is the sequel to the second,with the antagonist now the protagonist.Beautiful music,interesting plot and a good acting from the lead;perhaps more background would have aided,especially "Terra em Transe,"which felt like being thrown into an incredibly hostile & impenetrable jungle.Rocha has…

  • The High Sign

    The High Sign


    Short with the best plot.