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  • Streets of Fire

    Streets of Fire


    I have been just barely missing opportunities to see this for about thirty years, so to put it mildly it's been built up a bit. Thus, a brief list of things I expected from it, and another list of things I was not expecting.

    Things I Expected:

    --vibes (check)
    --tunes (double check)
    --enough ownage to wet the beak (bruh, it's Walter Hill)

    Things I Was Not Expecting:

    --the best performance of Rick Moranis' career
    --to find out what would happen…

  • House



    Fuck yeah.

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  • Gotti


    Until I was ten, my dad's main source of income was from bartending, and for several years in that period he worked at a place in Downtown Brooklyn that was a brisk walk from the borough's various courthouses. This is relevant for two reasons: the main one is a prize anecdote starring my dad's friend and coworker Jimmy, wherein during a particularly busy day at the restaurant John Gotti and retinue came in seeking strong drink and a bite to…

  • Tenet



    To properly explain myself I have to start many years ago. When I was 18, my second year in college, I took a fiction writing workshop taught by a well-known novelist who shall remain nameless here (mainly because if she remembers me at all, any mention of my name probably elicits a "Jesus Christ....him"). I was very excited at the prospect of getting my future storied career as A Very Serious Writer underway, and as such I was more than…