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  • Edge of Sanity

    Edge of Sanity

    a bonafide classic from the video bin. any way you look at edge of sanity its still pure 80s decadence, just half dressed up in victorian garb. there's neon lighting and hair sprayed whores to compliment the bursts of bdsm eroticism and cocaine fueled psycho kills. the jekyll and hyde story is just used to carry its twisted moments along and as you sit through it, it sinks it's claws into your own nasty id. perkins doesn't blink for a…

  • Beyond Ultra Violence: Uneasy Listening by Merzbow

    Beyond Ultra Violence: Uneasy Listening by Merzbow

    Essentially a brief concentrated mixtape about how Japanese SM and suicide cultures influenced and seamlessly line up with Merzbow's 30+ years of creating dynamic noisescapes. I actually really like his comparison with SM practices and police authority, it contextualized that culture in a whole new way for me.