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  • Funny Girl
  • Real Genius
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Random Harvest

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  • Blonde



    If I could give this film zero stars, I would. It's like a literal slap in the face of Marilyn and any woman who has faced similar issues. I normally don't get easily triggered with films, in general, but this film downright offended every fiber of my being... what a waste of film, money, energy and time. I can't believe this director and don't even get me started on the tacky writers. It is an embarrassment and just reeks of pretentious misogynistic filth. Don't waste your life watching this.

  • Suspect



    It is so weird to watch a film with Liam Neeson, Dennis Quaid and Cher together. Liam plays a deaf mute, who is being accused of murder, with Cher representing his case. He never says a dang word and steals half the film! Liam never disappoints me!

    Dennis Quaid plays a juror, desperate to get closer to Cher, and ends up helping her solve the case, albeit illegally. I have to say that I liked this different angle to watching…

Popular reviews

  • The Dark Corner

    The Dark Corner


    This film noir hit high on my list!! It's the perfect combination of mysterious crime with a little fluffy romance. I will usually watch Lucille Ball in anything, but she pleasantly surprised me in this one. The dialogue between her and Mark Stevens just kills me. It's hilarious! I could just listen to their conversations and be happy the whole time. She plays a devoted yet feisty secretary of a private investigator who gets tangled in the mess of her…

  • The Proud Rebel

    The Proud Rebel


    This charming little western won me over! I can't say how refreshing it was to see Olivia de Havilland in such a role, playing a woman who is protecting her large farm from obnoxious people trying to steal it from her. She is very hardened from what she has gone through and seen, but finds a mute boy whose father is in trouble. Her heart is softened, so she feels the need to help them and brings them to her…