Busted ½

Corey Feldman’s directorial debut (about a police station that doubles as a brothel) is basically softcore porn masquerading as a “zany” Police Academy rip-off. This was absolute trash. Bad, punny jokes that felt like they were written by a bunch of seven year old boys. Hammy, madcap, mugging-for-the-camera performances from everyone - especially Feldman himself. Fart sound effects. Running gags that are painfully unfunny and often times don’t make a lick of sense (I still have no fucking clue what the weird spaceship sound effect was that happened every time someone said “peeping Tom”). Cheap sets. Tons of nudity. Corey Haim (listed as the star, but having his role drastically reduced and only clocking maybe 5 minutes of screentime due to his drug fueled unreliability). “Hilarious” cameos from noted asshole Ron Jeremy, career criminal Todd Bridges, and (for some unknown reason), Academy Award winner Elliott Gould. This movie truly has it all. And I hated every fucking second of it.

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