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  • Chernobyl



    From its opening scene, Chernobyl is a horrifying, effective dramatization of a true apocalyptic scenario. There's little fat on these bones, and you really feel the clock ticking every second, whether the scenes move quickly or slowly; each second-hand movement wrenches your guts a bit, aided by the perfect fucked-up dissonant music/sound design. Great performances across the board, and it really nails that jaundiced aesthetic that indicates We're In the Grim USSR now.

    Still, I'm sad to report that the…

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    I'm grateful for this beautiful film for its searing moral honesty in the face of global annihilation. I'm grateful to Paul Schrader for investing so much of himself in the film, in particular the haunting questions that keep him awake at night, theological questions that are not at all recent and not at all hip: where the fuck is God in this horrifying moment of death, destruction, greed, and waste?

    That said, I think there's another version of First Reformed…