Shame ★★★★

"You're a burden."

Steve McQueen's follow up to Hunger, shows his continuous evolution as a filmmaker. The style is there in spades, and for how truly dark the film is... it is breathtakingly beautiful to look at! The shot of Brandon in the elevator before he goes back home to find Sissy in that bathtub, the nightclub scene, the running sequences, and the scenes on the subway, the shot of him in the rain towards the end of the film... are all but just a few I could mention. The score is absolutely incredible! It really pulls all the right emotion out of you in the right places, and helps you fully comprehend how these characters are feeling as these scenes play out, even if you can't always relate.

Michael Fassbender delivers an absolute knockout of a performance! It really is a goddamn shame (no pun intended) that he was overlooked by the Academy, but I'm sure the NC-17 rating didn't help his chances either. You know This guy has some demons from the get-go, but watching him go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole until he loses grip of himself completely is entirely transfixing, and this is all credited to Fassbender for bringing the complexity of Brandon together. The real weight of the film falls on his performance and it's one of his very best and a true showing of why he is one of the most brave and talented actors working today.

The awkward relationship between Brandon and Sissy makes you as the viewer feel wholeheartedly uncomfortable, and creates a kind of building tension through each of their exchanges. Carey Mulligan is also very good here, but in my opinion gets shown up by Fassbender whenever there share the screen, which is about 99 percent of her screen time. It almost feels like she's trying just a little bit too hard while he gels very naturally with his character. Just my opinion.

This film is criminally overlooked, and demands to be seen. It's one of my best friend's, favorite film of all time, and while it doesn't resonate with me in the same way it does with him, I have no arguments against the choice and still think it's a fantastic piece of art house cinema.

P.S. I deducted a half star because it gave me penis envy.

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