Moonlight ★★★★★

Wow. I'm really stunned by this film. I knew that I would like Moonlight ever since the first trailer, beaming with its beautiful cinematography and direction, but I don't think a film has taken my hype and blasted through it so thoroughly as Moonlight did. Everything about this film is perfect. The cinematography was gorgeous, adding so much the characters and their emotions. The direction was spot on. These are some of the best child performances I've seen in years. They added so much, elevating the film even more than it already was. The screenplay was also a standout. The dialogue felt genuine and real, while also adding so much to the film and its characters, just like the directing. I really believe that Moonlight is a masterpiece in every way. There is nothing really bad I can say about the film. In a year as great as 2016 has been for movies, Moonlight stands out as the clear best.


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