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  • The Shining
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  • Hellraiser



    "There is so much more the body can be made to feel. And you'll feel it all before we're through."

    The last film I'd seen of the Hellraiser series was 2002's Hellseeker, which I remember exactly jack shit about so I can't really say just how terrible things had gotten. I've heard not much that was good about the vast majority of the films in the series outside of the first few, which still have their proponents. It's been some…

  • Duel



    "That truck driver's crazy, he's been trying to kill me, I mean it!"
    "Well, mister, if I was to vote on who's crazy around here, it'd be you."

    I had an uncle who was, maybe still is, a truck driver. My aunt got rid of him at some point in the late '90s or early '00s and I never saw him again, so I have no idea.

    I went out on a run with him to West Virginia once and…

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  • Hawkeye



    "Exactly. See? I love American Christmases. The tree, the presents, the super-powered reindeer, Rudolph."
    "Mm-hmm. Rudolph. Heh."
    "He is so weird. Have you ever eaten reindeer?"
    "Cannot say I've had the pleasure. No."
    "It's... Hahaha! No, it is not a pleasure. No, it's, um, it's really tough. It's chewy. Mm, you have to braise it for a really long time."

    I absolutely loved Matt Fraction and David Aja's take on the two characters known as Hawkeye and so I was…

  • Fame



    "Diction! Watch your diction, Ralph. You're slurring your words."
    "What? Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Marlon Brando slurred his words, you know. Montgomery Clift slurred his words. James Dean slurred his words. They were the greatest actors in the whole world and nobody could understand a word they said."

    I've had Fame on the DVR for a couple months now and I started to watch it last night while waiting for my wife to get home from work. Then…

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  • Nightcrawler



    "Why you pursue something is as important as what you pursue."

    Jake Gyllenhaal is creepiness personified in the character of Louis Bloom. He shares a number of personality traits with a certain Travis Bickle, but Lou learns fast. He does the research. He knows just enough to make himself very dangerous. To the people he works with. To the people he films. And to anyone who might get in the way of him getting his story. Even the story is…

  • Brand New Cherry Flavor

    Brand New Cherry Flavor


    "This bitch just puked a cat!"

    Oh, my god, Brand New Cherry Flavor is the kind of limited series that I'm down with. Witches, Hollywood douchebags, feral cats chowing down on coyote corpses and kittens getting thrown up almost once an episode, what more could I want? I liked Rosa Salazar before, but I have a newfound respect for her now and Catherine Keener is fantastic as the witch who reminds me just a tad too much of my aunt who passed this past May. If you have any interest at all in half of what I review on here, check this puppy out.