Casino Royale

Casino Royale ★★★★½

Taking on one of the most beloved characters of all time is no small challenge but i genuinely feel that Daniel Craig really pulled off a more serious and charming bond that worked quite well for me.
I can't start discussing a Bond film without mentioning it's theme song and i must admit, this one left me quite disappointed with how dull and ultimately quickly i forgot about it's theme. I had to look it up a second time just before i could do this review. Next we are introduced to a wonderful cast including Eva Green whom plays an accountant that Bond works together to stop Mads Mikkelsen's character Le Chiffre. Le Chiffe is your typical Bond villain that you have seen many times and with many quirks but i am proud to say that he really pulled it off. I personally really liked it's quirks and i felt that it really did not seem as ridiculous or silly as some of Bond's previous foes.You can't discuss Bond without mentioning the incredible action scenes that this film really delivers on matched with a roaring orchestra score that only Bond can pull off as well as he does here.Finally i would just love to mention Jeffery Wright whom played an old Bond favorite that made me squeal like the fanboy i am but i really do wish he got more to do in the film that just a few scenes. Overall i really do enjoy this one quite a lot. It is one of the best written Bond films in my opinion even though Goldfinger will always be the best to me. So i will give it 4 and a half stars. Check it out!

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