Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★★

Merry Christmas you filthy animals, I was hoping this Shane Black feature was set around Christmas as well

Yesterday Patrick Willems released a video on The Nice Guys and why it's awesome, and it got me on an urge to check it out as well as visit some other Black works, and man I'm so glad I checked this out!

A murder mystery detective tale pushed through a genre savvy lens and witty comebacks that's 100% Shane Black. Willems said it best in the video when he said one reason why Black's stuff works is subverting expectations, and that's where the biggest laughs and surprises from this film come. Honestly they are so good I don't even want to spoil them cause they are so great at catching you off guard, nevermind the forth wall breaking narration by Downey Jr. and the cutaway jokes. And man Downey Jr. spits out this quippy Shane Black dialogue like water off a duck's back, the same way Jessie Eisneberg let that Aaron Sorkin dialogue roll off his tongue; man...imagine a snark off between Shane Black, David Mamet, and Aaron Sorkin.

And too top it off we got nice jazzy tunes from John Ottman with slight electronic touches, and the cinematography by Michael Barrett illuminates the L.A. environment in beautiful filling colors, especially that whole beginning house party bit with so much touches of blues and lighting; the poster actually reflects the look of the movie!

-Props to casting Corbin Bernsen in this, film-wise I think he's been all over the place since the mid-90s, so seeing him attached to a more "mainstream script" is really nice

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