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  • Endgame



    In the post apocalypse, men paint their faces like KISS and fight in a Running Man style game show. The post apocalypse is also hilariously dubbed.

    This film is split between long stretches of dialogue and world building occasionally interrupted by five solid minutes of revving dirt bike engines and machine gun fire. Prepare yourself.

  • NightThirst



    My 40th Polonia Brothers film.

    And what a great choice it was. An anthology overseen by Jon McBride in the wrap-around segments, John Polonia as a mischievous corpse, and a Christmas story with a dysfunctional version of Mark and Maria's family.

    And I plan to talk about this on a future episode of the only podcast dedicated to the Polonia Brothers: Podlonia with Sunday and Adam.

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  • Reel Monsters

    Reel Monsters

    In my next D&D world, I'm naming the local monster-filled forest the Polonia Woods. I'm very familiar with it. It's in a lot of these films.

    It's full of feeders, killer clowns, the ghosts of killer clowns, and sasquatches.

    The Polonia Woods is also home to a hermit who offers the player-characters sanctuary. He looks like Jeff Kirkendall dressed as Gandalf the Grey.

  • Nightmare Vacation

    Nightmare Vacation


    Culminates in the They Live fight scene of Polonia fight scenes.

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  • Terrified



    My Hooptober 8.0 list | Film #13
    Part of Cinemonster's Hooptober 8.0

    Criteria fulfilled:
    [x] 6 countries: Argentina

    A perfect horror film.

    I love how this film chooses to show horror. There's no handheld shaky-cam, no flickering strobe lights, no quick cuts. Instead, when something emerges from the shadows, it does so in a well-framed, carefully lit, fixed camera shot. The decision on what is and is not in focus is also made with care. And the use of music…

  • Phoenix the Warrior

    Phoenix the Warrior


    This is great because it's like a lot of other Mad Max wannabee films from the 80's but it's all women. And while the bulk of other cheesey post-apocalyptic films often had everyone wearing identical outfits consisting of football shoulder pads and leather chaps, these women avoid that fashion faux pas and add some individuality to their wardrobes. And I really appreciate that. It makes the film stand out among its genre and helps give each character a bit of...well,…