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  • Phoenix the Warrior

    Phoenix the Warrior


    This is great because it's like a lot of other Mad Max wannabee films from the 80's but it's all women. And while the bulk of other cheesey post-apocalyptic films often had everyone wearing identical outfits consisting of football shoulder pads and leather chaps, these women avoid that fashion faux pas and add some individuality to their wardrobes. And I really appreciate that. It makes the film stand out among its genre and helps give each character a bit of...well,…

  • Razor Blade Smile

    Razor Blade Smile


    This was the first so-bad-it's-good movie I had the pleasure of watching. A friend and I rented it from Blockbuster when it was a new release. We enjoyed it so much we often told our friends about this gem after enough beers. Rewatching it 20 odd years later and it still holds up.

    We also played a lot of Vampire: the Masquerade back then, so vampire movies were a go-to for us. And this film represents the more indulgent (cringey)…

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  • Fear PHarm

    Fear PHarm


    Found on Tubi and was prepared for the worst. I was pleasantly surprised! This is a really good movie!

    And what a great palette cleanser after all the Camp Blood and Polonia Brothers films I've been watching.

    Well shot, well written, well edited, and well acted. People converse like actual human beings. It's funny and creepy and tense in all the right places. And it's a tight hour and twenty minutes.

    Bring on Fear Pharm 2!

  • Bloodletting


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The opening scene has a line of dialog so mindboggling I had to pause the movie to write it down. So a reporter at a crime scene asks a cop what happened. The cop replies "Well, without getting too graphic, some psycho busted into yonder house and chopped up the whole Millhouse family like it was a stack of cordwood." "Cordwood?" questions the reporter, not familiar with the word used to describe wood cut into uniform lengths to be used…

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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat

    The Mortal Kombat tournaments take place in a dimension that is a mashup of post-apocalyptic, wild west, and samurai themes. A big budget movie could do something really cool with that. Where is this movie set? Gary, Indiana. I'm serious.