The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

About 75% of this is basically Hamlet, so overfamiliarity with that tale means, at least narratively, this feels like Eggers' least distinct film. Stylistically, though, this plays like a fever dream that would have been the biggest blockbuster smash in 900 AD - violent and reverent of Viking lore, and in its best moments exceedingly strange. Most interesting once Kidman gets more involved, and the prophecies and fairy tales Skarsgaard's Amleth falls back on are revealed to not tell the whole story. The reality is more complex, more depressing, or more mundane, but myths are simple and kick total ass. It's not hard to see why we buy into them.

Eggers has now made three very different movies that still all feel very much like his own work, the sign of a great filmmaker. I'm in the tank.

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