The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now ★★★½

"The Spectacular Now" is one of the most honest high school movies ever made. The two leads are amazing. I did get the feeling, however, that if they weren't in this movie that I wouldn't have given 2 shits about it. But they are in this movie, and I do give 2 shits so "huzzah!"

So this movie is totally good. I liked it, and you should watch it. I didn't love it, and it's hard to put my finger on why that is. Possible reasons: I will never see it again (probably), the leads are so good that they make all of the adults look like actory actors, and the scene with the sister and her friends is so over the top cartoony that I don't know why it was included in a movie this realistic. Shrug.

All of that is petty. And this movie is totally good. And you should see it. (did I mention that yet?)