Runaway Nightmare

Runaway Nightmare ★★★★

Writer/director/star - Michael Cartel shopped around an unfinished print of his movie RUNAWAY NIGHTMARE in 1982. Someone bought it, and released it, but first they added in their own shot on video nude scenes, and a cult classic was born.

The story involves the abduction of 2 "insect farmers" in Death Valley, CA. They're taken to a commune ruled by women where their wildest fantasies/worst nightmares come true. There's out of focus nude scenes, bad ADR work, a far too confident leading man wearing an overly revealing neckline who speaks in a stutter, hair that keeps changing style and length, and that's just a piece of this so bad it's good puzzle.

Runaway Nightmare is one of those movies that gives and gives, and right when you think the unintentional hilarity is over - it describes the future of each character with title cards and still frames. Thank you, Runaway Nightmare! I will watch you again soon.