L!fe Happens

L!fe Happens ★½

"Life Happens" and bad movies happen, too. Zing!

Here we have yet another movie about 30 somethings dealing with not being 20 somethings, and OMG! Dealing with babies!

Having a baby must be hellish experience. I've seen "Friends with Kids" and "End of Love" and I slept through "What to Expect when your expecting" (seriously got through about 2 minutes before dozing off) and they all show the same screamy baby hell. The kind of hell that takes you away from Hollywood clubs, and your sex life, and just living, dawg. And while there's obvious truth to all of this (yes, sacrifices are made to be a parent) - I refuse to believe that once you have a baby that life ends. Maybe I'm naive. But none of these movies are fun. They're all awful. I wonder if this indie sub-genre of pretty people having babies will ever produce a good movie with likable characters. I have my doubts.

In "Life Happens" (maybe the worst of the indie baby "comedies") the baby is little more than a crying prop. I never believed that our main character (the "B" from that apartment... 23 I think) was a mother. There was no love between the baby prop and the sitcom mother. It's just a device to separate the boring hot guy from the boring main character for a moment before they fall in love all over again.

Yawn. Snore. Okay. Moving on...