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  • The Slumber Party Massacre
  • Skullduggery
  • Badlands
  • Rosemary's Baby

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  • Ouija

  • Beasties


  • Mausoleum


  • Crazed


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  • Ouija


    There are many rules to follow when you play Ouija board.

    Never play it alone.
    Never play it in a cemetery.
    And never watch this movie because its so very unremarkable.

  • Beasties



    Beasties succeeds by mixing up the plot every 15 minutes or so. First it's a Ghoulies type movie, then its ET, then its an evil gang movie, and on and on.

    To give too much away would be a disservice to anyone who wants to watch it - but the plot surrounds an evil gang lead by a psychic overlord who wants to kidnap a brainy nerd named Nelson. But all Nelson wants to do is scientifically study the alien…

Popular reviews

  • Teaching Mrs. Tingle

    Teaching Mrs. Tingle

    In 1999, I worked at a video rental called Dwayne's World. This was around the time when locals would pick up a DVD and bring it to the counter, and we'd have to say: "This is a DVD. It doesn't play on your VCR." Because 9 times out of 10; they'd return it exclaiming that we accidentally loaned them a video game rather than a movie. Aw, yes, 1999.

    At this video rental - Dwayne forced us to only watch…

  • Skullduggery



    The genre ambivalent "Skullduggery" is a treat for anyone who likes to watch movies with that WTF factor. I mean, through out the movie a tic tac toe game is played on the back of a wandering janitor. That's weird, right? There's also a magician, a pre Eyes Wide Shut cult party sequence, a mysterious man putting together an Adam & Eve puzzle, and a mess of riddles thrown in through out.

    I think its a slasher made by people who…