The Mummy's Hand

The Mummy's Hand ★★★

The Mummy's Hand is the film that Universal put out after the original, but has nothing to do with the first film.  This time the story involves two out of work archeologists that are in Egypt trying to find clues of a lost tomb.  The main character Steve played by Dick Foran is more like Indiana Jones than your typical bespectacled archeologist that you expect and does a pretty good job.  However his sidekick that is suppose to be the comic relief is one of the most annoying characters I've seen in a film in a long time.  The actual Mummy itself in the film isn't around enough, which takes the majority of the horror element out of this film is still pretty creepy with highlighted eyes that have seemed to burn themselves into my brain.  For a little over an hour runtime the film is pretty good, it has that Universal thrill to it.