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  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express

    On May 1, 1994, a woman wishes me happy birthday. Now I’ll remember her all my life. If memories ever come in a can, I hope that can never expires. If it has to have a shelf life, I hope it’s 10,000 years. 

    Hopelessly heartsick, unspoken feelings, wistful regrets of missed chances and unrequited love are things all too familiar for characters in a Wong Kar-wai film. It’s such a shame when you start falling in love that you don’t…

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels

    “As I was leaving, I asked if he’d give me a ride home. I hadn’t ridden a motorcycle in a long time. Actually, I hadn’t been that close to anyone for a while. The road wasn’t that long and I knew I’d soon be getting off. But at that moment, I felt such warmth.”

    As each day goes by I realize I’m living in a Wong Kar-wai world. A world full of beautiful, lonely people longing for connection or just…

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  • In a Lonely Place

    In a Lonely Place

    The Criterion Challenge 2021
    Progress: 26/52
    41. Film Noir

    Bogart really does make it look so effortless. In a Lonely Place checks every box possible for how to make a great film. The characters are incredibly human. It’s about the rage that lurks in all of us that stems from our insecurities, feelings of inadequacy or just plain self-loathing. It hurts to be hurt all the time, and sometimes that causes us to hurt others. Unfortunately, it’s these human traits…

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Kaufman’s 1970’s remake is one of my favorite horrors so it was about damn time I watched the original. This version is of the same quality. Oozing with paranoia and tension. The noir influence added a whole new level to everything. Crisp shadows evoke that feeling of evil lurking below the surface. Tommy Lee Wallace’s Halloween III is basically an entire tribute to this film! It takes place in the same fictional town of Santa Mira and the ending plays out…

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  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead

    Zombie fatigue has well and truly hit its peak with Army of the Dead, and this is coming from someone who adores the subgenre. Snyder certainly attempted some new ideas, but it’s still littered with tropes. The movie feels slapped together in a disjointed mess. Think Suicide Squad but slightly better. I can’t tell if the bright font color is a subtle joke about how Snyder’s films are so bland looking. Either way, setting a movie in Vegas and not…

  • Mister America

    Mister America

    Having been a huge Tim Heidecker fan, I finally started watching On Cinema at the Cinema earlier this year. Probably one of the best decisions I’ve made as it’s an amazing show rich with lore. Within On Cinema you have Decker and now Mister America. Watching the layers unfold after years of build up is truly a rewarding experience. Heidecker’s alternate persona is one of the most sleazy and pathetic characters. You can’t help but be repulsed by his actions…