Bros ★★★

I feel like, as a perpetually single gay man in my 40s, that this should have hit my feels much harder than it did. For as much talk as there was about community, the members of that community aren’t allowed much in the way of interiority. They exist as placeholders, representations instead of characters. (During the final dance, all the other members of the board aren’t dancing with their partners, unless they’re all dating each other: there’s no feeling that they continue to exist when Bobby leaves the room.) A lot of the sexual stuff feels like it’s there to shock the straights — there’s a reason why the two times the central couple is involved with multiple partners, it’s used as a joke. A lot of Billy Eichner’s dialogue, especially during the first half, feels like re-purposed one-liners from a stand up set. I feel like I wanted it to either be more earnest or more ridiculous than it was. Maybe I’m being over critical?

At the very least, the movie could have let Guy Branum make out with someone. But I always appreciate a reminder of just how hot Guillermo Díaz is.

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