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  • The Birthday Party

    The Birthday Party


    Clearly a play brought to film, and much more Pinter than Friedkin, but the latter does manage to stun more than a few times with his camera work.

    Drags a bit, but I think this is intentional in order to pull the audience in to Stanley's breakdown. Very effective.

    Crucial for Friedkin completists, maybe not so much otherwise, but a very well-made and well-acted piece of work.

  • Stay Out of the Attic

    Stay Out of the Attic



    That is the title.

    Even my passion for movies where Nazis get the absolute shit kicked all the way out of them couldn't lift this one out of its own mirey mess.
    It had a couple decent, fun moments, but mostly hurt to watch.

    My notes were as follows:

    Kinda TV movie vibe. Big expo dump right at the outset by characters who are walking stereotypes.

    The whole "time limit imposed so we can…

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  • Clip



    Jesus Christ.

    If Catherine Breillat, Lars von Trier, and Gaspar Noé joined forces and made a cover of Kids crossed with Nowhere, It might be as bleak as this.

    Serbs go HARD.

  • Aladdin


    It's okay to be poor, as long as you fake being rich long enough to make an old-money, spoiled brat fall in love with you, because you purposefully fuck over other working class people by stealing from them to impress her, but it's all good because happy endings.

    Oh, and sing a bunch of fucked up, classist songs, too.