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  • Undisputed III: Redemption

    Undisputed III: Redemption


    Florentine balances the film between an expertly choreographed and fluid entry in the generic prison fight tournament genre, and a gorgeously emotive tale of the importance of class solidarity and friendship in overcoming authoritarian structures. Scott Adkins as usual mercs the role, playing this Russian himbo Jesus fighter character with such serious conviction and deep sorrowful pain, once again confirming himself as one of the finest actors of the 21st century. Myles Shannon Jenkin’s performance here is also an astonishing…

  • King of the Ants

    King of the Ants


    Possibly the sunniest descent to hell ever committed to film.

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  • Hereditary


    Hereditary, Ari Aster's hilariously self assured debut, is fundamentally about nothing. Aster indulges in leering pornographic nihilism, making this the perfect film for art house audiences who don't actually like horror films.

  • Widows


    The vacuousness of Widows is apparent from the opening scene - McQueen communicates immediately through the editing that he has no interest in the heist film, of generating any real sense of genuine tension, or examining anything below the surface of his checklist of social issues. I think it becomes pretty clear why - he doesn't have an understanding of how to shoot action or suspense, so he settles for laborious, self conscious long takes in the form of fragmented…