Spencer ★★★★½

A biopic of rare empathy and artfulness. It’s amazing how much this refuses to get into obvious drama surrounding some of the real life events, instead leaving many of them subtle and implied rather than explicitly shown and discussed. Besides, this isn’t concerned with delving into everything about Diana’s immediate environment: this is about HER, and her alone. And although I loved Jackie, I have a much better time connecting to the central character here, feeling the sense of claustrophobia and daily sadnesses that she does. This is accomplished beautifully through the immaculate screenplay, which keeps most conversations around bigger themes within the realm of Diana’s current emotional state, and the gorgeous filmmaking, utilizing framing, music, lighting, and performance to bring out grand emotions, most of which are horrifying and anxiety-inducing. Gracious, elegant, gratifying, and real. I adored it.

Oh, and of course, Kristen Stewart is unreal. It was difficult to see an actor in there; this was Diana, through-and-through.

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