Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

#NYFF57 Film #3: Main Slate (New York Premiere)

Since their foundation in 2017, Neon has distributed a lot of strong content, despite not being successful in the awards circuit, minus I, Tonya. This year, they acquired the North American rights to two acclaimed foreign films buzzing out of Cannes Film Festival. One of them happened to be Céline Sciamma's French romantic drama titled Portrait of a Lady on Fire. The reception surrounding this film was insane and I was intrigued when finding out that I'd be seeing this at the New York Film Festival. As someone who isn't a heavy advocate of foreign films, it came as a shocker that I was ecstatic to watch this. This is the decade's best romance since Call Me By Your Name and Sciamma meticulously brought a piece of art to life that left me drenched in tears at the end.

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