Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction ★★★★½

It’s all about the dialogue! Pulp Fiction perfectly works as a mix of different genres and you can totally feel the director’s love for cinema with so many film references that just mesh very well altogether. The writing is truly brilliant as the characters are all given a lot of care and are quite memorable whether they have big or small roles. Also, this film is really original in the sense that it manages to alternate all the different story arcs in an engaging manner, being constantly surprising and making the viewer relate to the characters to some degree. I can usually pick a favorite moment that made a great impact on me, but this is the rare occasion where there are too many to choose, becoming an impossible task. The performances are terrific and vibrant, but I would have to say Samuel L. Jackson totally stole the show here. The way he delivered his lines was menacing and even hilarious at times. I can’t end the review without mentioning the superb soundtrack. As usually seen in Tarantino’s films, the songs are varied and exciting, fitting each moment just perfectly. He really has a knack for picking some awesome tunes. Pulp Fiction is a one of kind experience and undoubtedly a modern masterpiece!

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