• Dick Tracy

    Dick Tracy


    I love the art and score. Also here for 90s Madonna being ridiculously attractive.

    It's fine but I just never got as into this movie as it seems like so many other people did. And it's crazy that we actually have 2 way wrist watches now.

  • Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds

    Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds


    I was expecting a documentary on Kojima and his career and this is partially that. It's mainly a documentary about starting Kojima Productions and creating Death Stranding.

    That was still interesting and we did get snippets of Kojima sharing personal things about his life. I also get why he maybe didn't want to go into much discussion about Metal Gear, probably also to avoid issues with Konami.

    It's also a lot of other people telling us how amazing Kojima is,…

  • Dune



    The more I watch this movie, the more I love it. I'd also heard that the Dune story was a big influence on Star Wars and so much of that seemed more obvious to me on this rewatch.

    This is one of the most visually amazing movies I've ever seen. Everything from a technical side, from the sound design, to the special effects is top tier. I put this on, thinking I'd kind of watch while I put laundry away…

  • The Equalizer 2

    The Equalizer 2


    I liked this way more than the first one. Pedro Pascal was a nice surprise in the cast.

    All I know is, that drive to the airport was not a 5 star Lyft.

  • Annette



    I've never seen anything like this. Adam Driver might be one of my favorite actors of all-time because this man fucking goes for it.

    I don't even want to say much about what happens in this. You should just watch it if you're open to a bizarre experience with fascinating music.

    I love the ship scene, as one of the most visually interesting things I've ever seen. I wonder if Poor Things took inspiration from this set design.

    And what…

  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


    Saw this in theaters for the first time, and hadn't rewatched it in a few years. I know this isn't for everyone, but as someone that loves both the original and remake games, I really like this movie.

    It's amazing how the games now look better than this but for what it is, I think this is the most I've enjoyed and understood it ever.

    I'm a sucker for the fights, the soundtrack and the Nomura-ness of it all.

  • Mean Girls

    Mean Girls


    A movie based on the musical, that's based on the movie?
    So fetch.

    Really fun overall. It makes me want to watch the original again, but this was better than I expected.

  • Madame Web

    Madame Web

    Where do I even start?

    First of all, I don't care to leave a spoiler warning. I'm just gonna talk about stuff but this movie is so dumb, you can't really spoil anything. There's nothing secret enough to spoil here.

    I went into this expecting something so bad I could laugh at it.

    This movie is 2 hours and I was in a theater that was at least half full. There was one moment that maybe 3 people chuckled.


  • Thriller 40

    Thriller 40


    Really great documentary about the making of this album and just how massively popular Michael Jackson was at the time. I love hearing about Eddie Van Halen recording his solo for "Beat It", seeing the making of the Thriller music video and people losing their shit for the moonwalk.

    All these years, I thought "mama se mama sa, mama coo sa" meant something. And I found out in this, it was just a phrase of words that MJ thought sounded cool.

  • The Last Stand

    The Last Stand


    I thought I'd seen this movie when it came out but I either forgot it or it just caught me off guard how much fun it was. There's nothing new here but it does all the cliche action movie things just right.

    The supporting cast is perfect. Luis Guzman playing that character he always plays, Johnny Knoxville as the town idiot/gun nut, Peter Stormare as....wait for it...a bad guy. Forest Whitaker as upset FBI Agent is my favorite character of…

  • Kung Fu Panda 3

    Kung Fu Panda 3


    These panda movies are more fun than I expected. I think this one is my least favorite but still a decent watch.

    Hans Zimmer didn't have to go that hard on the score.

    Ok, maybe he did.

  • Anyone But You

    Anyone But You