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  • Der Zwerg

    Der Zwerg


    There is something kind of romantic and foolhardy starting an unseen opera just a half hour before midnight. 

    If I could I would have skipped the opening Schoenberg piece which was well preformed and interestingly staged but I’m not sure what it added other than run time. I would say return to it after the main event. 

    The appearance of the first chorus is quite beautiful but I don’t think many have had occasion to take a selfie. Man I…

  • SPL: Kill Zone

    SPL: Kill Zone


    There is a lot going on here. I’m just keeping a quick record as I go. At first I was like:  Wow the steaks are really high and then at 10:39 the steaks got really high and I kinda settled back for an above average movie. Then things began to turn as it became a rogue cop movie; and I don’t care at all for a rouge cop; at best they set a bad precedent and should absolutely always be…

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  • Irene



    Fairly innocuous wish fulfillment fantasy showcasing the talents of Anna Neagle’s ability to don a slight Irish accent(actually huge star in Britain but gets to do very little here). Stay around for the dresses and the wallpaper; everything else is entertaining enough but pretty slight.  Billie Burke steals all her scenes,

  • Sanshiro Sugata

    Sanshiro Sugata


    More impressive in moments than as an overall experience, but some amazing decisions from a first time director filming in war time.