Spencer ★★★★★

4th viewing, 1st non-festival show.
Confirmed two things for me. This is legitimately one of my favorite films EVER, and I feel like people have forgotten how to behave in a theater over the pandemic. If it's not a Marvel movie where you're supposed to cheer and clap, SHUT THE FUCK UP. (Ofc there are scenes in Spencer where it's totally appropriate to "aawwww" or gasp! or cry... But it's baffling to me how hard it is for some people to restrain from talking about other shit, or checking their phones during movies like this. If you're that bored or clued out, leave and get a refund, don't sit there on your phone whispering to your butterfinger friends who keep dropping and crinkling shit every 5 seconds. Yeah I'm definitely hyper sensitive to disruptions in theaters, but some of these people are on another level. General admission shows I get it, people aren't prepared for what Spencer is going to be. But film festival crowds should know better. Even at Telluride and Denver Film Festival this year, I didn't go to a single show where someone didn't check their phone. Legit at DFF, some lady ANSWERED A CALL in the middle of the movie and had a 5min conversation... God I nearly had an conniption. Anyway, Spencer, LOVE YOU. Please let Criterion publish hahaha I need to own it asap <3

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