Spencer ★★★★½

Um... holy shit. Most likely my new favorite film of the year (and that means dethroning Annette, which sounds kind of insane...) As you know, Larrain's JACKIE is one of my favorite films of all time. The way he directs / blocks movement is always stunning, and the moment I heard he'd be collaborating with Claire Mathon (DP of Portrait of a Lady on Fire), and Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead/Phantom Thread/There Will Be Blood/etc), I knew this film would be incredible. The one key element I had yet to be sold on was Kristen Stewart. Before seeing the trailer, I was honestly bummed they didn't cast Elizabeth Debicki, who (aside from her 6'3" stature matching Diana's tall presence) already portrays the princess in The Crown... But then the trailer dropped. And all my ideas were pushed far aside. KS looked incredible in the role. Now seeing the movie, I can confirm. Kristen Stewart is OUT OF THIS FUCKING WORLD as Diana Spencer. Honestly the best performance I've seen all year. There was a moment, about 20mins in, where Diana looks into a mirror... and in that moment, something happened. I completely stopped seeing Kristen Stewart at all. She completely became Diana, which I was not expecting. There were times when I'd remember "wait, that's KS acting", and was still in awe, but the film was so immersive, most of the time, I was just seeing the character. She OWNED THIS. And of course credit to the casting director / to director Larrain himself, but Kristen Stewart legitimately deserves the Oscar this year (like Portman deserved it for Jackie)... This is one of the most beautifully shot films of the decade, and I cannot stress that enough. Every single aspect of this film is pretty much perfect, down to all of the supporting cast performances as well. Described in the festival brochure as something of a Snow White meets The Shining, I can't really disagree. It's utterly captivating, and I am now a Kristen Stewart fan. The fact that she and Robert Pattinson have turned around to become two of the most gifted actors of the last 5 years is so amazing to see :) EASY 9/10, will almost definitely be a 10/10 upon my second watch.

*Still love Jackie a tiny bit more, but honestly, this film would probably place in my Top 200 if I rearranged it right now.

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