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  • The Wolf House

    The Wolf House

    What the fuck... but more importantly- HOW the fuck...?

    That's okay, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway. I'll just lie awake, eyes unblinking, staring above, at a blank canvas of my bedroom ceiling, convincing myself that the creaks from outside the door are just the house settling, and not a pig with human hands who wants to eat me.

    I won't say I particularly *enjoyed* this experience - more so was just anxious and disturbed, HOWEVER. It gets many stars for the sheer amount of dedication and craftsmanship alone... One of the most creative films I've ever seen.

  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside

    Whoa... This was insanely good. So, I've never seen any of Bo's other specials, but I've seen some of his videos, I've seen Eighth Grade, and I know about his backstory. This film is the thing that really made me realize how talented this guy truly is. This introspective, comedy, documentary, musical, chamber piece is all done by himself - and contains some really clever uses of lighting / composition to make one room feel like... more. Most of the…

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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal

    In the past I've only reviewed films on here that I'd feel comfortable rating a 10. While Sound of Metal isn't quite there, something about it left me compelled to write. A short letter of appreciation to so many nuanced lessons and themes on life, in a package I wasn't at all expecting to learn from...

    This is not a movie about metal. It's not even a movie about music. In such a brilliant trojan horse move, this piece sneaks…

  • Chernobyl


    Absolutely horrifying. One of the best mini-series I've ever seen. Binged the entire thing in a single day - it's that engaging... Ignoring the fact that it's not filmed in Russian, every single performance was fantastic, and I know I'll remember them for a long time to come. Each episode has at least one scene that stands out as extraordinary.

    The railway bridge scene in Episode 1 might be my favorite of the whole show - one of the most…