The Master ★★★★½

Well, it's over. My PTA marathon has concluded with what many consider to be his crown jewel. Unfortunately, it doesn't come together as well as and is not as easily digestable as his real masterpiece, There Will Be Blood, though it comes pretty darn close. The relationship between Freddie and Dodd is one of the most perplexing on-screen relationships I've ever seen. I thought the second viewing would clear things up for me, but I now realize that isn't true. This is a film that will leave its viewers forever hopelessly inquisitive, which is something reflected in both of the main characters. Each have their own reasons and needs for associating with each other so closely, and each have different things that they get out of their relationship. The character study of Freddie Quell is so perfect that its at times indecipherable, exactly like humans naturally are.

I applaud PTA for this brilliant display of filmmaking, but the amount of time spent questioning what is going on and what symbolized what was at times a little much for my simple mind. Otherwise, I would have to give it a 5/5.