Broomhandle429 has written 6 reviews for films during 2021.

  • Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks


    I saw an episode of this on T.V and it was a mistake. I turned it on and a woman turned into a door knob. How’s that realistic at all.

    I haven’t seen or heard anything about this show and won’t be watching anymore because of that abomination of an episode. Possibly the worst show ever created watch a real show like Riverdale or Stranger Things🤡.

  • Bald



    Blake Leibel is one of the greatest directors ever. Not only is he great behind the camera but I heard he’s a great person in real life as well. Anyway he KILLED it in this movie.

  • American Loser

    American Loser


    A deep story with Seann Willam Scott in the lead. That automatically makes it one of the greatest films of this generation.

  • Satantango



    Such a powerful film.

    All the dark themes of parenthood, racism and recovering from a rape are explored deeply in this film that ultimately should’ve been one or two hours longer. It made me realize that drugs have ruined my life and nearly made me end up in prison and that if I want to be happy again I’ll have to quit. The film makes it look so easy to quit my mushroom addiction and even empowers me to try…

  • Come and See

    Come and See


    Boring movie. Not even that devastating or disturbing. Want devastating watch Up (2009). Want disturbing watch that one scene in Avengers Age Of Ultron. Not to mention the kid acting sucks in comparison to films like It(2017 or the show Stranger Things.

    Not to mention there was barely any action which isn’t something that should happen in a war film because that’s the only interesting part about movies and war.

  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream


    I relate to this.

    I too have an addiction to the drugs. I love the mushrooms. One time I too a lot of mushrooms and attacked my old history professor with a broom head. It was funny but once I was cold from not having any clothes I noticed that teh mushrooms might not be good for me. Sorry for crying mid review but I am just a lonely lonely man who needs a hot lady to fulfill my needs.…