Satantango ★★★★★

Such a powerful film.

All the dark themes of parenthood, racism and recovering from a rape are explored deeply in this film that ultimately should’ve been one or two hours longer. It made me realize that drugs have ruined my life and nearly made me end up in prison and that if I want to be happy again I’ll have to quit. The film makes it look so easy to quit my mushroom addiction and even empowers me to try and quit.

The main character is such a broken character after he survives multiple shootings he still powers through. I once again relate to this due to my dark past and I could even see a reflection of myself in the main characters face. It was like seeing all your worst mistakes come to life through a screen. I broke down in tears when he had to give up his donkey and broke down into even more tears when the cat died.

The only other film to make me feel the emotions I’m feeling right now would be Avengers Age Of Ultron and if you’re doing something almost as good as Age Of Ulton you are doing something right. 

The finally was so climaxy. I jump in joy when the monkeys retook the village of Satantango (sorry for spoilers) and feel to the floor devastated when Al got shot in the ribs. But as Gerald rode away on the horse carrying Als dead body blood rushed down below. That hasn’t happened since I was cold and naked outside trying to find my professors house. I thought I would never find shelter, I thought I was lost, I thought that the only thing I had to live for was magic mushrooms. But I kept looking and I found the house and I now see how Al saw the world because he kept looking and he found his old hair net from his local McDonalds.

Keep going kids. Mushrooms don’t control your life. Don’t fall victim to them like me.

Sincerely Matthew Brown.