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  • The Social Network
  • Psycho
  • L.A. Confidential
  • The Killer
  • Casablanca

Initial Thoughts 🎙️

35 films

NBB & PRJ Phoebe has not seen enough films, Nathaniel has seen too many.

  • The Aviator
  • Brick
  • 11.22.63
  • Scarface
  • Death Proof


75 films

Seen them once (at least), but shall revisit.

  • Detour
  • The Killers
  • D.O.A.
  • Gun Crazy
  • Night and the City
  • No One Will Save You
  • Project Wolf Hunting
  • The Ninth Gate
  • Trick 'r Treat
  • Knock Knock

Spooky Season ‘23

36 films


  • The King of Comedy
  • Green Book
  • Glory
  • 12 Years a Slave
  • Free State of Jones

PRESS: Films Referenced, Both Directly and Really Rather Subtly

29 films

“That’s a powerful message. They won’t want to see that.” “It isn’t. At all. And that’s exactly why they’re gonna…

  • The Beatles: Get Back
  • Green Room
  • Vanishing Point
  • X
  • Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Everglade Studio

11 films

“Room! Room, we’re vibrating, let’s make it a good vibrate and not a bad vibe, okay?”

  • Hell or High Water
  • Black Snake Moan
  • Wild at Heart
  • Blue Ruin
  • Mud

Southern Gothic/Twang

29 films

See if the South is all it's cracked up to be. Or, the beauty mixed in with the horror. Depends.

  • Vanishing Point
  • Killer Joe
  • Hail the Conquering Hero
  • Hustlers
  • Hell or High Water

Movies That Explain America (Really)

34 films

Getting down to it. ⁉️❔🇺🇸⁉️❔

  • Malcolm X
  • The Master
  • Red, White and Blue
  • Psycho
  • Suddenly

To Me, The Great Performances

43 films

A summation of the films I have instinctively tagged with 'great performance' - who I meant, and in a few…

  • Nobody
  • A Colt Is My Passport
  • Collateral
  • Drive
  • The Outfit

Helvetica Violence

17 films

The stylish, oddly minimal but no less thrilling type of carnage. Is it somehow tasteful? Despite the viscera? Yes, it…

  • The Batman
  • Nope
  • Triangle of Sadness
  • TÁR
  • Top Gun: Maverick

Favorite Films of 2022

25 films

A hard year, a very productive year, a year of seeing things differently. Devoted a lot more time to TV,…

  • Final Cut
  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • Harkis
  • Exterior Night
  • EO

Seen In Cannes ‘22

13 films

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