• The Kentucky Fried Movie

    The Kentucky Fried Movie


    10/ 10 jokes! Really recommend you to watch it wenn dein Humor zerstört ratchet ist. Ne ist wirklich schlechter Humor und hab ihn auch nicht komplett zu Ende geschaut, kann mir auch vorstellen dass er irgendwann problematic wird.

  • Fifty Shades of Grey

    Fifty Shades of Grey

    Sehr sehr schlecht, Unsexiest movie ever, never before could I relate less to the main characters of a story than in this. I think every man walking this earth is more attractive than Christian grey and im only 10 minutes into the Movie sorry:-( Es gibt keinen Grund aber ich finde es so Funny dass sie Anastasia heißt, I See the author looking up mysterious, innocent and very female names on google for this

  • Inception



    Juckt mich nicht wie alle auf den abkacken I think it’s a shit Movie. I didn’t really get what the movie actually is about and the ending So unnötig Unaufgeklärt. Jeder der sagt der Film ist gut ist gecancelt

  • All About Me

    All About Me


    Ich wollte Modell bauen but i cried all movie long. Also this rheinländischer Akzent is killing me . This movie is the ultimate proof that NRW is superior to the rest of Germany

  • Love



    Very Sexy Movie i think it turned me a bit straighter Although now I think about it the hottest Person in this is Electra. She just looks like a fucking dream and has the most beautiful French accent Ever.  Murphy  is the impersonation of toxic masculinity to me And I think Electra would have been better off by leaving him and starting a relationship with the hot blonde French girl they had a threesome with. Her name is omi Voll lustig

  • The Juniper Tree

    The Juniper Tree


    Wowow wow i love this. This movie really had me sitting in front  of my laptop with a straight face and concentrated mind for 78 minutes And i didn’t do any nervous habits unlike When i watch bau geschichte vorlesung. Everything perfect: Music, setting , the movie takes place in iceland. Bjork plays a witch and her character is just the nicest Person ever, Forget about jesus christ mutter Teresa and Jan hofer. In one scene the little boy throws…

  • Queen of the Desert

    Queen of the Desert

    "one woman can change the course of history"
    ,,, this was all too smooth for me.
    There is no way that this woman just looks men in the eyes, says some stuff in a deep slow voice, gives them random presents and all of a sudden they don't want to brutally slaughter her anymore. Herzog tried to portray Gertrude Bell as this really smart, confident and brave Woman, which is nice and well done and I'm sure she was just…

  • Salt and Fire

    Salt and Fire


    First i was concerned;am I gonna get through the 98 minutes of veronika Ferres speaking english without passing or freaking out? It was okay, definitely possible and despite that i liked the story.