The Juniper Tree

The Juniper Tree ★★★★★

Wowow wow i love this. This movie really had me sitting in front  of my laptop with a straight face and concentrated mind for 78 minutes And i didn’t do any nervous habits unlike When i watch bau geschichte vorlesung. Everything perfect: Music, setting , the movie takes place in iceland. Bjork plays a witch and her character is just the nicest Person ever, Forget about jesus christ mutter Teresa and Jan hofer. In one scene the little boy throws little shells and rocks at her and she just calmy sits there and waits till he’s done. He’s sad and angry about his mother’s death and she has just so much Empathy for him ohaahh even tho she is so young herself ... Also how is björk a real person? She is just the most gorgeous woman and seems so non-human (Same in dancer in the dark by lars von Trier).