M3GAN ★★★

I’ve never had so much trouble deciding whether I like a movie or not until this one. For the last month or so M3GAN had some crazy advertising and a lot of hype so trying to avoid informations about it was a serious struggle. I finally got the chance to see it so here we are. 
  First of all, why was she singing so many times in such random moments, the “lullaby” literally took me out.
  For the first half I felt like I had been more satisfied with eating my sandwich right before entering the cinema rather than actually watching it. After getting to the point, I have to admit there were a few more interesting scenes but still nothing too crazy. I was expecting more gore or at least some good horror but it sadly never happened. The closer we got to the end, the more I was actually starting to enjoy it, even the doll looked better in the final scenes in my opinion so that’s good. Overall, it kind of felt like a good example of advertising outgrowing the actual product.

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