Logan ★★★★★

this film is so brutal and raw and intense i get breathless thinking about it. i still remember that moment when i watched the first trailer for the first time, and when i heard the first notes of johnny cash's 'hurt', i knew this film was going to be something else.

wolverine was never my favourite of the x-men because he seemed unbeatable and you always knew he would survive whatever violence he went through, so i never felt like he was ever at risk of being hurt. but then this film rocks up and shows logan as someone weak and vulnerable yet trying so hard to relive the power of his old glory days even though he knows he has reached his physical limits. logan's enemy is his past, he keeps trying to run from it but he keeps being reminded of it through charles and then the appearance of laura and X-24 (which i think is such a perfect embodiment of everything logan is trying to run from: that rage and uncontrollable violence and inhumanity and the recklessness of his youth).

hugh jackman has always fully embodied wolverine in every x-men movie, but in this film he is more than that. he is completely and entirely LOGAN, and we get to see the man behind the claws with his greying hair and limp and scars and growling voice and bloodied knuckles and it's the wolverine we always wanted and deserved and i'm so glad for it.

patrick stewart is wonderful as always what a legend, charles' relationship with logan shifted into such a touching and genuine father-son dynamic that was heartbreaking. he was almost like a window into logan's heart and helped him to open up so much more, as well as providing a reminder of what he had lost and what he was fighting for.

dafne keen is FANTASTIC in this film, she balances the tough wolverine exterior with the innocent childishness perfectly and she is so believable and SUCH a badass.

there are some really memorable shots and every scene is powerful in its own way, whether it is the warm family moments of calm or the uncensored bloody violence that comes after. and what i like a lot about this film is how realistic it is, the villains and the backdrop aren't exaggerated or cartoonish, they are a constant threat pushing the film along.

and the last scenes OH MY GOD i still bawl like a baby every single time, it's the best possible way of ending this film but also the worst but if they had done anything else i don't think i would have been as emotionally satisfied.

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