Boiling Point

Boiling Point ★★★★★

*No joking around, suffered heavy levels of PTSD watching this from having worked in hospitality (restaurants specifically).

So creatively and immersively captures the chaos of service. The cast are all stunning and the whole film feels utterly real. If Boiling Point had been shot conventionally, I think I'd still be giving this at least 4/5, but the complete claustrophobia created by the single take is glorious. No gimmicks, no sneaky cuts. Definitely some clever decision making in terms of framing and mise en scene (to allow the rest of the cast and production team to reset for the next full cast shot) but overall this just felt flawless.

Drowning head chef on the brink of losing it all
Suffocated sous chef barely holding everyone it together
Brash 3rd chef blowing a fuse at each and every turn
Terrified inexperienced line chefs waiting to make a mistake
Flustered restaurant runner second guessing their existence
Charismatic head waiter pursuing a distant dream
Petrified student waiters emotionally gouged by the social elite
Cheeky bartender looking for any attention they'll get
Obnoxious customer who's never worked a day in his life
Fading celebrity clawing at the last strands of fame
Reserved food critic guilty for their lifestyle choices
Wannabe nobodies using their social media handles to open tiny doors
It goes on and on and on...

I can't stress how well this is written and cast. The mix of staff and customers blend beautifully together and every beat hits. This really does feel like a symphony, with movements, building and building, using every instrument available, letting each one shine and tell their story before retreating back into the magnificent noise, all of it crescendoing at a frightening pace.

We, the audience, are the camera, and we, the audience, should feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to witness this.


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