Zodiac ★★★★★

“Before I kill you I'm going to throw your baby out the window.”

This movie is brilliant. It’s effective. It’s based on a true crime but the narrative plays out so realistically you feel like you’re watching a true story unfold before your eyes.

The opening scene is jarring, all the the violence is hard to watch knowing it’s based on reality. The movie is consistent in tone. It’s chilling with moments of comedy between the characters. All of the cast plays off each other so well.

I love Gyllenhaal’s character, his obsession, and love for books. Libraries solve crimes! His character’s quirks are endearing even though you’re like wow poor Chloe Sevigny. That one scene where he gets his kids go help out was so great. RDJ is the hilarious cynic and Ruffalo the sarcastic detective is perfect too.

It’s such a good one to rewatch. You can always find something new you missed before, I always enjoy the ride because of the pacing and how good everything looks. If you haven’t seen this and like murder mystery/true crime stories, you’re missing out.

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